Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm not scared of a Croc.

This trip is going well. The mission team this time (which includes Eld. Turner, Pastor Taylor, my wife Mary and myself) are having some great experiences. We took Eld. Turner and Pastor Taylor to the Elminia Slave Castle to see and hear the history of slavery. This stop is always an emotional time for all that experience it. We spent the night in the city of Elminia. We had lunch at a great place that was surrounded by water and crocodiles. When asked if I wanted to touch the crocodile, I quickly accepted the challenge. I touched and rubbed the back of a crocodile. And not just me, Eld. Turner and Pastor Taylor both did the same. We are some fearless men of God! We had a good time. The convocation started on Friday Night. The theme of the convocation is "Appreciating our Pentecostal Holiness Heritage". The convocation started off with a bang. The Host Pastor, Superintendent Anim preached quite a message on Holiness. Women's Day was on Saturday Morning. Evangelist Ester Mensa brought the message also about holiness. She is from Africa, but now lives in Canada. And oh, Saturday night was Youth Night. Just as before, the youth were live wires and on fire for God. A very young pastor, Pastor Joseph Quainoo preached the message. Sunday is official day and we will be having Holy Communion. We're expecting a great downpouring from God. Just to share a few fun things: Eld. Turner has danced at every service. He is really enjoying himself. Also, the weather has been perfect here. It is has been sunny and great during the day, and it cools off at night. It's probably better than in Kansas City. Continue to pray for us. God Bless. Pastor Sims

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

God's Favor

Well it's July 2008 and we're back to Africa to continue God's work. Four of us left Kansas City for Ghana early Monday morning. I truly feel God's favor on our travels to Africa. This trip didn't feel that long at all. We arrived successfully and hit the ground running. We visited with Bishop Baidoo and visited the widow and family of the late Administrative Assistant of Finance for the Ghana jurisdiction. I'm looking forward to what God has in store for us this trip. Continue to pray our strength. Pastor Sims.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On the mission field again

Well, I'm off on the mission field again. The Lord has lead me to Angels City, Philippines. It took 30 hours of travel on a crowded airplane to get here. I am so thankful though that God brought me here safely. This is my first time in the Philippines so there are a lot of unknowns. There is a work to do here though. I landed in Manila, Philippines which has over 7 million people. It is larger than New York City. Then I traveled to Angels City. I have connected with the local Bishop here and his wife. They have taken me around and took me to a Chinese dinner. I start my assignment tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers that God's will is done in the Philippines. God Bless, Pastor Sims

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here are a few pictures from the conference/crusade

Monday, May 5, 2008

Well saints, the conference/crusade is over and it was a great success! Each night we saw a great outpouring of God. We have seen a lot of healings of pain and affliction. On Thursday night, Bishop Bobby Henderson spoke. He is from Atlanta, and is a regional Bishop in Africa and a mighty man of God. There was a child that was prayed for that had never spoken. God healed and that child began to talk. His first words were Mama. God is a miracle working God! I preached the final night of the crusade. There were hundreds of souls that came to the altar for prayer. I prayed for saints until I was soaked. This just shows how hungry the saints in Africa are for the move of God. Now that the conference/crusade is over I made the grueling travel from Nigeria to Ghana to meet and worship with the saints there. Continue to pray for me and I will continue to keep you updated in the blog. Pastor Sims

Thursday, May 1, 2008

And the Conference/Crusade begins...

Wednesday was a good day and very busy. The conference/crusade began. Bishop Jerry Macklin preached the first night from St. John 5. What an anointed service! I had to recup quick because Thursday started at 7:30 a.m. I'll be teaching today in the leadership conference on leadership principles. The saints here are so eagar to learn more. There is such a hunger for knowledge and more of God. There are some awesome things happening in COGIC here. There are 15 newly consecrated Bishops here in Nigeria. This is history making for the Church of God in Christ. There will be a formal service for the new Bishops as they receive their certificates of appointment. I am happy to be here for this historical service. I will be preaching the crusade message on Saturday night, so keep me in your prayers. Pastor Sims

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the Mission Field again

I have arrived safely in Abuja, Nigeria after 24 hours of travel. I'm feeling good, just tired. The temperature here is 91 degrees. This is my first time in Abuja. The airport is a lot like Ghana's airport. I've jumped right into the culture here. For my first meal I had lamb (which was kind of tough) and for dinner I had fish and rice (with the head still on). Everything is good though. We are here to have a great time of fellowship and encouragement with our brothers and sisters in Africa. The Church of God in Christ is hosting an Africa wide Conference/Crusade. I'm expecting some of the saints from Ghana to join me here for the conference/crusade. Continue to pray for us. We are expecting a mighty move of God her in Abuja. Though I am here in another country I am constantly praying and thinking about the saints in Kansas City. I have been asking about and praying for all the bereaved, sick, and shut in. The same God that is moving here in Africa can and will move in the lives of those in Kansas City. God Bless you all Pastor Sims